What To Do When You Acquire Large Programming Projects

Recently, I had acquired a project that had 100K+ lines of code. Sure, 100K lines of code isn’t the largest project around… However, the code was not extremely organized – there wasn’t even a consistent coding style. This can take a project from hard, to unbearable. I, perhaps foolishly, decided that I would tackle the […]

What Makes for Good Documentation

Documentation is a vital part of developing and using a computer-based system. In some commercial organizations, 20 to 40% of the total development effort goes into the documentation of the new system, recording how the new system is to work and how it was developed. Documentation is generally considered the second to last stage to […]

Why NOT to Write Your Own Software

For those of you who, like me, enjoy creating using their own software rather than somebody else’s software; here are some reasons why you should NOT create your own software, but use an Open Source software instead. Is your comfort worth it? Sure, when you write your own software (or libraries) then you are (or […]